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Project 45' Prototype: St Vincent’s school boat with an adjusted educational curriculum giving students more time to explore the nature along the canal.

In 2019 I was approached by the 5 Lamps Arts Festival in Dublin’s north inner city to design a solution to foster collective ownership over and begin to tackle local challenges such as inequality, housing crisis, dereliction and safety.

I decided to focus my attention on children, a large social group that are rarely encouraged to engage in civic and political life. Together with the 5 Lamps Arts Festival, Royal Canal Amenity Group, Fighting Words and St. …

This is a 3-part series looking back over the development of my thesis ‘Designing for Transition: Exploring Transition Design and User Experience Design in an Era of Ecological Crisis’ which I submit as part of my MA in User Experience and Interaction Design at Technological University Dublin. In my previous article I introduced the project and its aims and discussed some of the TD theories and methodology that I used during the first phase of the research. This article will move onto the second phase ‘Designing Interventions’. I will show you how I synthesised previous research and selected an intervention; I will discuss some of the limitations of TD and how I used a selection of UXD methodologies to enhance my approach. …

Last Monday I submitted my thesis which marked the culmination of my Masters in UX and Interaction Design at TU Dublin (exciting times!!!) It was my intention to use this space to post the progress of my research as it developed, but it turns out that trying to complete a thesis alone is fairly hectic! So instead, over the next couple of weeks, I will look back on some key moments.

I suppose you should know a little bit about my current thinking and my intentions for the thesis before I dive in…

In my opinion one of the most baffling phenomena in our current era is the lack of serious action in the face of some of our most pressing crises, for example, climate change and biodiversity loss. Reactions of anxiety, inertia, pessimism and feelings of helplessness are common but most often do not result in action. I wanted to examine these common responses, interrogate their bases and attempt to design a solution that could help combat anxiety and inertia and mobilise community action. …

I am an MA student on the UX & IxD programme at Technological University Dublin, now in my final semester. I’ve decided to use this space to post the progress of my research project. Feel free to join along!

I recently discovered and have been inspired by Transition Design, an emerging design approach that seeks to develop a comprehensive understanding of “wicked problems” with the aim of identifying and designing interventions that can mobilise transitions toward sustainable futures. …


Sarah Flynn

UX and Transition Designer for social impact. Twitter: @flynnflynner Contact:

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