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Project 45' Prototype: St Vincent’s school boat with an adjusted educational curriculum giving students more time to explore the nature along the canal.

In 2019 I was approached by the 5 Lamps Arts Festival in Dublin’s north inner city to design a solution to foster collective ownership over challenging local issues such as dereliction and safety.

I decided to focus my attention on children, a large social group that are rarely encouraged to engage in civic and political life and together with 5 Lamps Arts Festival, Royal Canal Amenity Group, Fighting Words and St. Vincent’s GNS William Street North I designed and facilitated a Design Thinking programme for local school children called Project 45’.

The local school, St Vincents, sits adjacent to the Royal Canal, a well known local amenity that many believe has enormous future potential. As it happened, 2019 was the 45th anniversary since the Royal Canal Amenity Group began restoring and reimagining its future after it had fallen into disuse in the 70s. …


Sarah Flynn

UX and Transition Designer for social impact. Twitter: @flynnflynner Contact:

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